What is Aramazu?

Learning how to tell the time can be tricky. Aramazu tackles the complicated numerical time telling combinations of the clock face in a way young children can understand through colourful illustrated stories that explain the journey that time must make to travel around the clock and the secret code to tell where time is on its travels. Children love the stories and amongst time teaching products this approach is unique to Aramazu. It speeds the learning process while helping children understand just what it is they are saying when they tell the time. How Aramazu works? – a short video guide ( Click here).

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“….and a week on, my son is now telling me what time it is.”
Joanne Mallone , ParentDish UK
“85% of children learned to tell the time in one week, 50% in one hour.”
Primary Times trial ,
“I have taught time for many many years but never with such instant success”
Jackie Bacon, Parents in Touch

Print or Online to Tell The Time?

Parents – would you like a book at home to read or prefer to view the same story on a laptop or tablet?
Aramazu’s book products are available in hard copy or as on line ‘video books’ for laptop or tablet display (Click here to see online sample).


All hard copy books are supplied with A4 card practice clock.

Home learning product range

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Classroom product range

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