Why Aramazu?

llustrated stories with colourful characters introduce a new child-friendly way of how to tell the time. Unique to Aramazu this new and different method helps children quickly learn to tell the time in a meaningful and confident way. Aramazu is used in primary schools and homes across the country. (A new and different way of teaching time – click here)

“…it literally turns time telling on its head… by the end of the book I was staggered by the utter genius of it – I hope that it goes on to change the way that children are taught…” by Florence Knapp (parent)

Aramazu’s learn to tell the time video book stories with dramatized commentary are available free from our online library.

“….and a week on, my son is now telling me what time it is.”
Joanne Mallone , ParentDish UK
“85% of children learned to tell the time in one week, 50% in one hour.”
Primary Times trial ,
“I have taught time for many many years but never with such instant success”
Jackie Bacon, Parents in Touch

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