Aramazu has been created by parent and children’s TV producer Jamie Rugge-Price as a child-friendly route for young children to learn to tell the time in a way that is fun, quick and meaningful. Through illustrated stories, Aramazu shows the journey time makes to travel around the clock and how to find it on its travels to tell the time.

A new and different way of teaching time.

To interpret a clock face to tell the time requires a knowledge of mathematics that most young children have yet to acquire.To make the learning process child friendly Aramazu graphically bypasses the mathematical problem by making each hour on the clock face into the shape of a mountain and making the minutes into the steps Time will use to climb to and past the o’clock at the top of each mountain. This simple approach allows a child to quickly understand how time moves around the clock face and how to use the clock hands to show exactly where Time is on its journey and to tell the time.
“I was going to spend the Easter hols teaching my daughter to tell the time. It took 15 minutes.” Mrs M Parent