At Home

“A story element means it is instantly more appealing-both my children were excited to have a go”

Selecting the story

There are two entry levels – children who are able to count to 12, or children already counting to 60.

For younger children counting to 12…

Aramazu Learn to Tell the Time Stories – a three storybook set which introduces the concept of time through a modern day fairytale, where everybody – whether child or adult – must first learn how to build time and then how to tell the time.
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For older children already counting to 60…

Aramazu- The Learn to Tell the Time Right Now Book – a fast-track story in which the children teach the grown-ups about a new way of learning to tell the time.
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Learn online? Learn from the illustrated book? See it all happen on an Aramazu wall clock?

Online – View the video books for free and come back to them as often as you like, when you like.

Printed Book – The illustrated book(s) will reinforce the learning process of each story – and contains A4 card practice clock.

clock2-321x321Aramazu Wall Clock Brings the learning process alive! Watch and listen as the long foot-pointer follows Time up and down the Hour mountain the finger is pointing to. It’s what learning to tell the time should be! Supplied with A4 card practice clock.
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Explore the Aramazu Teach the Time online library

Try out a story – it’s completely free to use…click here

Please note there is an interactive practice clock for each story as well as ‘make and do’ practice clocks in “Printable Resources.