Meet our good friend Buzzer. For years he was relegated to the bottom drawer when the land of Aramazu decided to forgo the need for time. Now he is on a mission to help everyone to learn to tell the time. For without time where would we be!


There are lots of little tips and hints that can help you to teach your children about time – it is a tricky subject to comprehend but by breaking it down with Buzzer’s help, our mission to teach time WILL succeed.

To start with Buzzer suggests using time in your everyday conversations as much as possible, as it encourages children’s curiosity. Start when they are really young and they will soon start to question what time means.

If you are struggling for ideas think along the lines of  “In 1 hour we will go and see Sam” or “We got home about an hour ago”

Do let us know how you get on.


Watch this space and visit us again soon for more tips coming soon.

Learn To Tell The Time