How did you get on with Buzzer’s teaching time tips from last month?

This month it’s all about hands. One of the things that Buzzer used to get stuck with when HE was learning about time was remembering which hand on the clock did what? He was always getting himself in a tizzy and thinking it was twenty minutes past midday and time for lunch, when it was in fact 4 o’clock and almost time for tea!

As getting the hands the right way round sets the scene for everything else, keep reminding your eager time learners that the small hand is the hour hand. This is really important when teaching time to those spongy little brains.

In the Aramazu teaching method, the short hour hand pointer is a finger. Fingers are very good at pointing, and the short finger points to the hour that time is on.

Teaching Time


How do you remember which is the hour hand?

Knowing which Hand is the Hour Hands is the corner-stone to learning about time