We all know that the best way for children to learn is by having fun. The more fun education can be, the more readily those spongy little brains absorb without even knowing that is what they are doing!

In the world of Aramazu we like to make things fun by playing games. We play a little time game called ‘Time Guesser’ where children guess the time of day we are thinking about. We give clues such as ‘we are home from school, but we haven’t had tea yet’ or ‘we’ve had a bath, but we aren’t in bed yet’. The younger children will rarely know the answer so we tell them the answer after a few guesses and it still gets them thinking.

Another time game we love in Aramazu is using a timer in games with the children. By timing them running a lap or completing a task, it really helps them to ‘feel’ how long time is.

We’ve also devised two great little Aramazu Games you can play online to learn how long a second is and then how to make up a minute. Children can even print out a certificate when they’ve played the games, to proudly hang on their walls.

You may know lots of games that involve time – such as what’s the time Mr Wolf,  and we’d love to know of any that you play with your children or you played as a child yourself.


Time Games with Aramazu