In the classroom

“Quite simply, if you are in doubt then try it. It just works!” PB Warren Wood Primary School

Selecting the story

There are two entry levels:

  • Counting to 12 ( Reception and KS/1)
  • Counting to 60 (KS/2)

The online Library

Free unlimited access (no usernames or logins required). Note: there is an interactive practice clock for each story (Adobe Flash req’d) plus printable lesson plans and pupils’ activity sheets.

Reinforce the learning process with these additional Classroom Resources (available for purchase – see ‘How to Order’)

Aramazu Magnetic Practice Clock

Pupils’ laminated practice clocks

Classroom Clock

Designed for classroom use, the moveable magnetic hours and minute sections allow this practice clock to be built up in stages, allowing a full understanding of the way the elements of Time fit together. The unit is supplied in its own carry case.
£39.00 excl. vat & shipping.
Available in sets of five, these durable interactive clocks allow pupils to put their time-telling skills into practice. £14.50 per pack, excl. vat & shipping. Wall mounted clock, battery driven, with 265mm fibre board dial. £18.75 excl. vat & shipping.


How to order: (schools only)

Email: stating:
Contact name,
School name and address & post code,
Purchase order number / reference
Product(s) and quantities required

Note: all prices excl. VAT. Allow £15.00 shipping /delivery charge per shipment.
Delivery normally 3-4 weeks from receipt of order. Invoice will accompany goods with BACS payment details.

How to pay (Schools only):

Invoice will accompany goods with BACS details.